Redbridge Social Centre

About Us

The Redbridge Social Centre (The Centre) is an independent Voluntary Community Association founded in 1944 by a group of local residents. The Centre provides a range of recreational, educational and social activities (See Activities) for those living in the London Borough of Redbridge and the locality.

A purpose-built Centre was opened in 1964 and enlarged in 2008.The building serves as a meeting place for over 400 members. In addition to regular activities events are organised during the year such as coach trips, dances and quizzes.  Ample off-street parking is available for members and visitors.


The policy and organisation of the Centre is undertaken by a Management Committee elected by members at an Annual General Meeting which takes place in May each year.

Admission Charges

The annual membership fee (renewable each 1st January) is £5.00 for Adults (16 years and over). For most activities a fee of £2.00 is paid per person. Where a class has a tutor an additional charge is made to reflect the tutor’s fee. Details of these charges may be obtained from the appropriate class tutor. 

Data Protection Policy

Privacy and confidentiality of the Centre members’ personal details, especially in the digital data storage arena, are of prime concern and importance to the Centre.

The Centre keeps a database of the members personal details which contain the member’s name, postal address, receipt number of annual membership, the Section/s in which they participate and (if given) ‘phone number and e-mail address. This fully updated and current database is only kept on the Centre’s protected membership computer located in the Centre’s office – it is not distributed and is not used for mailshots. The Centre also has a written record of members’ details which is kept in the Centre’s office. 

Any Centre member is welcome to verify, change or delete their data held on the Centre’s database by making a verbal request (in person or by ‘phone) or a written request to the Centre’s General Secretary. Any verbal request will be responded to usually within 24 hours and any written request within 21 days.

Contact us

In order to take part in any of the Centre’s activities, it is a requirement for newcomers to become annual members of the Centre. However newcomers are most welcome to try an activity once before committing themselves to joining the Centre.

If you are interested in joining the activities run by the Centre we would be very pleased to hear from you. You may wish to contact the Centre by using the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses where provided on the Activities Pages. Alternatively you may wish to contact the Centre as follows:-

  • By e-mail on
  • By telephoning the Centre on 020 8550 7467. (Answer Phone)
  • By calling in person at the Centre during the activity/activities which interest you.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.